Old School Vs. New School

Posted: May 7, 2012 by Adir Hassid in Uncategorized

Your walking down a street, and then all of a sudden you hear a loud escalating rumble, but by the time you turn your head, a menacing blur whizzes past you, at what seemed to be the speed of light. A day later you walk down the same street, but this time you hear a low, constant, thundering rumble, from experience, you turn your head fast so you can catch a glimpse of whatever is headed toward’s you, but this time you don’t see a blur, what you see is a pristine muscle car from the 60’s, but you cant put a name to it because your mind is still processing the beauty of the vehicle. But wait, what was that blur that whizzed past you the day before. Well that was the modern day interpretation of the old muscle car. Muscle cars have come a long way from just being good looks, and loud noise makers. The modern day muscle car is now the car that is crakning out colossal amount’s of horsepower, but can still race around a track in civility (or terror depending on how you look at it).


When the Mustangs first came out in 1964 they where an instant hit. By there first year anniversary, Ford sold nearly half a million cars. (418,812 to be exact) What was special about this car was that is was a first of its kind, there was no other vehicle on the market that had bucket seats and it was fun to drive. It was truly a pioneer in sport car history. Back in its old school day’s Mustangs maxed out at no more than 320 horsepower, and making all that power (or lack of, compared to nowadays) reach the rear wheels, the driver would choose between a 3 speed manual or 4 speed manual/automatic transmission. Now how does this all relate to the modern day muscle car we call the mustang. It doesn’t. Other than the live rear axle that is still being used in modern day mustangs, every single thing has changed in mustangs, from safety, to looks, to performance. Nowadays the smallest displacement engine (the 3.7 liter V-6) produces just over 300 horsepower. That is only about 20 horsepower down from the most power-full mustang from back in the day. But forget about horsepower for a moment. So much modern day technology helps us put the power down to the ground. Whether it is a six speed transmission, or an advance traction control system. We can better use every single horsepower that is being outputted from the engine. Now how much power is, being outputted from these modern day engines? Well lets just say its a bit north of 550 horsepower and we are looking at a 100 unit jump in engine output in the coming years.

When the decision of Old School or New School arises, the question of how fast can you really go, also comes to mind. Yes, some may say that the classics are better looking, and some may say that the modern day interpretations are better to live with and are quicker around a track. So yes, it does all boil down to. Hey, how fast can you really go?

– Written by: Adir Hassid (MuscleCarLegacy Senior-Writer)
– Edited by: Adir Hassid (MuscleCarLegacy Senior-Writer)


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