How fast can you really go?

Posted: February 16, 2012 by Adir Hassid in Car Inisghts, Special Review

A Bugatti Veyron 16.4 SuperSport can take you up to 267 mph, and an Ariel Atom V8 can launch you to 60 mph in the sub 2.5 second range. But to answer the question “how fast can you really go?” all of the latter information is non-applicable. The speed limit is 60 mph on the freeway and you can probably get away with going 80 mph, and accelerating to highway speed in less than the time it takes for a Prius to get moving, would just be considered reckless driving by local law enforcement. So how fast can you really go? What is the most practical car that you can drive, that might not be the fastest , but looks and and drives comfortably. If you take the word’s practicality, good looks, and comfort, you with get two letters in return: GT.  Gran turismo (italian) which translates to Grand Touring. A grand tourour is a car that you can take on a long cross-country road trip and be in complete comfort throughout the road trip. But don’t forget, aside from the touring part a GT is a sport’s car that will have you grinning every time you throw the car into a corner and will throw you into the back seat every time you step on the pedal. Some cars that deserve the name  Gran turismo are cars like the the 392 Challenger, the the Maserati MC Stradale GT, and the Bentley Continental GT. All of these cars are well endowed with at least 450+ units of horsepower and torque. And the best part is that everyone that drives a Civic can drive these cars with ease and comfort. So to answer the question “of how fast can you really go?” the answer is really infinite, you just need the tools to get you there. But if you want a car that is comfortable, practical, and will let the you un-tap every drivable horsepower, than a GT is the right car for you.

– Written by: Adir Hassid (MuscleCarLegacy Senior-Writer)
– Edited by: Jordan Banafsheha (MuscleCarLegacy Senior-Web-Designer)


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