A New 1965 Mustang for sale?

Posted: November 15, 2011 by jbwebsitebuilder in Car Inisghts, Special Review, Updates in the Car World

Do you want a brand new 1965 Mustang? Well before last month it would be really hard to find a good condition mustang from the 60’s for an affordable price. But everything has changed since Ford’s new announcement. Ford Motors will soon sell brand-new 1965 Ford Mustangs body’s for just $15,000 each. But there is one catch. You must assemble the car yourself.

Ford will be coming out with new stampings of the steel bodies for first-generation Mustang. Buyers can then assemble the mustang using whatever engine, axles, interior and other parts they can find on their own.

This is the ultimate customization experience for muscle car lovers. You get the body of the classic mustang that we all love and you get to put in your own finishing touches that you have always dreamed of adding.

Ford says the new shell body built has been improved only slightly with modern welding techniques and rustproofing. They also state the body out of the crate is ready for paint and assembly.

This is the ultimate muscle car experience for someone who is dedicated to working hard for what he wants and is ready for a adventure to find the exact parts he wants!

– Written by: Jordan Banafsheha (MuscleCarLegacy Senior-Web-Designer)

  1. Ashli Bell says:

    I would buy one if I had the money, my mom used to have a 66 LOVED that car. Sad ending to it when it was hauled off for scrap along with the $5000 in new parts to fix it….all because she didn’t have the time for it.
    If I could buy this I would drop the new 2013 5.8 in it wooooo

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